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Michele, Camborne

At 44 years old I never thought I would learn to drive, the thought of getting into a car with someone I did not know was scary enough, not to mention learning to drive. My husband arranged a lesson, he had seen a really smart looking Mini with a lady instructor. I felt so nervous, but the moment I met Hannah my nerves started melting away. What a happy friendly person, with such a warm personality the learning was made so easy. Excellent tuition, always knowing what I was going to cover in my lesson, clear full instructions. I have to say I truly do not think I would’ve passed my test without Hannah, I can not praise her enough. My life has been transformed, THANK YOU Hannah.

Bev, Hayle

Hannah is so calm and laid back it’s great; she really puts you at your ease and encourages you with your driving. She’s also ready to answer any questions and is happy to go over anything you find particularly difficult or fustrating. Thanks again for everything, Hannah X-D

Zoe, St Erth

I chose Hannah as an instructor after being recommended by a friend. When I first turned 17 I kept putting off learning to drive due to nerves, however, when I rang Hannah she was friendly and supportive which encouraged me to book a lesson. From day one I found my lessons enjoyable. Hannah made clear plans for each lesson to ensure everything I needed to know was covered, while allowing time for me to have extra practice on the particular areas that I found most challenging. I was always given advice on how to improve when needed, but also praised for my achievements which gave me more confidence as a driver. I passed my test first time thanks to the high quality of teaching and I would recommend Hannah as an instructor to anyone.

Suzannah, Helston

Hannah was a great driving instructor, she made a comfortable driving atmosphere to learning in. She complimented my achievements to build my confidence or correcting my mistakes in a kind and friendly manner in hope that I would improve next time, creating more experience, while learning the essential driving skills needed. She explained everything thoroughly, encouraging me to fulfil to my potential. I’m so glad I went with Hannah, because with her I passed first time =]

Rachel, Kehelland

Immediately after my first lesson I found myself looking forward to the next, this feeling stayed with me until I passed my test. Hannah is an approachable, friendly, patient and trustworthy person; she is also an excellent teacher. Her explanation of manoeuvres and how to deal with difficult situations made them easy to understand. If you ever have any questions, no matter how minor they may seem, Hannah makes it easy to ask as she will always give a positive and helpful response. She is very perceptive and her constantly positive attitude creates a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. I loved every second of my lessons and I felt fully prepared when I arranged to take my test. Passing successfully enhanced my enthusiasm for driving and I am extremely grateful to Hannah for all her help.